An owl backpack for Jules

A couple of weeks ago, Jules the class doll came over to spend the weekend with us. Our boy was very happy about that. I a bit less. I’m not that fond of class dolls, to be honest. They tend to bring some Sunday evening stress.

Sunday evenings are not my best time, to be honest. The trash needs to be put outside, the week needs to be prepared, stuff needs to be put ready, and there’s quite some laundry to get through. Add a class doll diary session to that list, with pictures, and I go a tiny bit crazy. You see, most of the time, it’s only at that point in time that I suddenly come to the conclusion that we are very low on printer ink, that for some reason my pictures are not syncing to the cloud, or that the photo paper has been curled up for quite some time and simply does not want to go in that printer (if I’m lucky enough to have some photo paper lying around). While I’m trying to solve these problems, I hear the minutes ticking by, laughing at me, pointing it out that I will be losing sleep over this, and that the alarm will sound loud and clear in the morning.

But anyway, it was our turn to drag Jules along. And our boy did like that. So when we went out to get some new shoes, Jules joined us. All dressed up, we left for the city centre.

When we parked our bikes, Jules was still wearing his backpack. When we arrived at the shoe store, he wasn’t anymore. An immediate search party could not save us, the backpack was gone. Did I mention that Jules’ cuddly toy was in that backpack? I could feel the Sunday evening stress coming up already, even though it was Saturday. How on earth was I going to explain this to the teacher? How was I going to compensate?

So I started sewing a new backpack. And because Jules is the class doll for the owl class, I decided to make an owl theme out of it.

The concept of the backpack is simple: a string bag.

Uiltjesrugzak voor Jules

Uiltjesrugzak voor Jules

Straps on the back.

Uiltjesrugzak voor Jules

And a flap with an owl head.

Uiltjesrugzak voor Jules

I added a kamsnaps button, but I fear that wasn’t a good idea. I don’t think the fabric will be strong enough to cope with toddler strenght. Fingers crossed.

And the cuddly toy? That was replaced by a little owl. I still had a few of those lying around.

Uiltjesrugzak voor Jules

Do you ever have the class doll over as a guest? If so, how do you deal with it?

3 thoughts on “An owl backpack for Jules”

  1. Wat een sloddervos die Jules. Toen ik in de derde klas zat hadden wij Miepje. En Miepje was een guinees biggetje, een écht guinees biggetje. In ‘t weekend mocht hij uit logeren bij de kindjes want alleen in de klas was zo zielig voor Miepje. Mijn zus en ik keken er al weken van te voren naar uit. Want wij hadden alleen maar een goudvis thuis. Dus organiseerden wij een heel speelparcours in de tuin. Alleen bleek het beest sneller te kunnen rennen dan verwacht. En was Miepje tot onze consternatie plots wég. En er was een beek achter de tuin en kon Miepje wel zwemmen? Ik zie ons nog rondhollen met mijn paniekerige ma. Enfin Miepje zat achter de sla in de moestuin. En kwam nadien nooit meer op bezoek want werd opgepeuzeld door de kat van een ander klasgenootje.

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