Dragon cowl

You can’t have dragon paws, without a matching scarf, right?


I chose to make a cowl. To make it extra warm, I used double-knitting. Green on the outside, orange on the inside. In theory, it’s reversible, but in practice, the dragon spikes – exactly the same as for the glittens – make that impossible.


Because a cowl is knit in the round, and because double knitting is knit on one side and purled on the other, you have a different tension on each side. Purled stitches are always looser than knit stitches. When knitting in the round, that means the purled inside may be slightly larger than the outside. Because of that, the orange can be more visible at times.


In theory, you pull a cowl over your head and it fits snugly around your neck. If you get cold, you can pull the thing over your mouth and nose. For that sake, I tried to get a dragon face on there as well, as I did some years ago for my Incatnito cowl. But dragon faces? Not that easy. So I dropped the idea.

And maybe that was for the best, since our little guy loves to wear his cowl on top of his head. Something that makes it look as if he has a lamp shade on his head. Oh well, at least it keeps his hair in check.


Bygones, I guess…


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