2016: New Year resolutions and a sweater or 3

2015 has closed its door behind us for more than a week now, and, to be honest, I don’t miss it one bit. Not that 2015 didn’t bring any fun, on the contrary, but still. Just when I thought I would boost my own – and hoping I’d boost some of yours as well – positivity, both hubby and myself saw slightly more of the hospital than we would have wanted to. So, less blog posts here during that time, I wasn’t really in a writing mood. I did knit a lot during that time, as some of you may have noticed on Instagram.


So 2015 did end on a positive note, and I managed to finish not 1, not 2, but 3 sweaters in all!

gebreide truien

The first one was the dino sweater, and I mentioned that one already in my previous post.


I finished my own Christmas sweater 2 days before the deadline.

christmas sweater

And I finished hubby’s sweater (that had been cast aside for a few weeks so I could focus on my own sweater – selfish knitting!) just before 2015 ended. Yay!

gebreide mannentrui

As of now, we tend to have a self-knitted-sweater day now and again with the whole family. Who’s with us?


Anyway, the 2015 door has been sealed forever, and everyone in this house is once again healthy. 2016’s door is wide open. And does it have any resolutions on its door step? Well yes. Small ones. Things I would like to do, and not so much things I want to force myself to do, if you get what I mean.

So, what do I want to do then?

  • Eat less sugar. Really. And if I fail to do so one day, I’ll just start again the next day.
  • Take up running again. I’ve been trying to do so for 2 years now, and I just don’t seem to get past the lesson 21 – lesson 24 infinite loop of start to run. This year, I really should. I’ll feel better for it.
  • Take more time for myself. I’ll start working 80% as of February. We’ll see what that does for me.
  • Live now, and stop focussing on everything I still have to do.

I’m not sure yet what effect this will have on the blog. Last year I started with the resolution to write every week, but in the end, it brought some stress with it. So I’ll just see what 2016 brings. I hope you won’t mind.

How about you? Big resolutions? Small resolutions? No resolutions?

gebreide truien

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