Sofa update

Sofa overtrek

Slowly but surely, our sofa is starting to look like a sofa again.


I have finished the seat cushions of the 2-person sofa. For some reason, one of the covers fits more nicely than the other, while I used the same pattern.


In my last sofa post, I mentioned that I didn’t quite know what to do with the bottom of these cushions. In the end, I just reused the original ones. It was the top of the cushions that had worn down, after all, not the bottom.


I’ve had second thoughts about the idea to add piping. Especially the idea to make that piping myself. It just keeps on going, I’ve made so many metres already…

bIMG_4963I must say I’m already pretty pleased with this result. I’m not sure yet how to tackle the rest of the sofa, though, since it is one very large part.


But before I start thinking about that, I’ll make the cover for the seat cushions of the other sofa first. I just need to find my drive back. Can you help me look?

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