This was August

Another month’s gone by! Below a list of everything I’ve been up to this August.

  • Harvest time in the garden: carrots, tomatoes, beans, and strawberries.
  • And harvest time in the façade garden: cherry tomatoes and a pumpkin.
  • Kajak polo in the first row. Pun intended.
  • A new insect species. Well, to me that is. The firebug. I’m pretty impressed by the warrior mask, no?
  • One pair of socks, finished.
  • One dino sweater, in the making.
  • A personal Disney explosion. I couldn’t help it, my 16-year old self took over.
  • A lucky clover. That’s the second one I found this summer. Maybe happiness truely is just at your feet.
  • A semi cleaned sewing corner. It’s a start, and better than it’s been in a long while.
  • Baking cupcakes, and then forgetting to add the eggs. Vegan is the word. And they were delicious. Anyone wants the recipe?
    veganistische koekjes

So, how was your August?

Radio Crochet – The aptoheosis

If you happened to pass by the Kouter square in Ghent last week, you could not miss it. Radio Crochet was coming, and everyone would know about it.

Wrapped trees.


A cuddly bike.


And a very soft piano, being abused by our very own music maestro.


On Saturday, it was finally time for Radio Crochet. And we were lucky: it stopped raining, and the sun came out.


And where was that flag line I’ve been going on about? Right at the center of the stage!

Radio Crochet

Great atmosphere, and an enthousiastic crowd.

Radio Crochet

Our own musician decided to stick to the kazoo and some freestyle dancing.

Radio Crochet

And the knitted pieces? They’ll be present at the next Ekkergemaakt, ready to get sewn together into blankets.

Radio Crochet

Hobby horse from a lonely sock

Our little guy is an outsider. Literally. The more he can be outside, the better. Staying inside drives him crazy. Running outside, that what he wants to do. Most of the time just that little bit faster than his little legs can cary him. Favourite place to run: the woods.

For some kind of reason that my mummy mind doesn’t quite get, running goes better when you have a stick. Not to lean on, to hold onto. The thicker the stick, the better. So sticks are switched for larger ones in between. Now and then a dog walking past can grab hold of it as well, but that’s another story. Sometimes – yet rarely – the perfect stick is found. In that case, that stick has to come home with us. Of course.

So yes, we are the proud owners of a couple of sticks. And sometimes, they do come in handy. To make a hobby horse, for example.


Making a hobby horse doesn’t take that much time. This one is made of a lonely, lost sock, a stick that was just as lonely, some yarn, some rope, and some felt. And some stuffing, of course.


Its ears and hair are made as described in this pin. Its eyes are felt circles that I sewed on top. The very small nostrils exist of embroidery yarn that’s knotted at the end (and that have already disappeared into the horse. Larger knots next time!).


The stick is from the park near our place.


Our little guy loves it. He’d love to have a whole riding school. So I think our collection of sticks may grow soon. Fortunately, this house does contain quite a number of lonely socks waiting for a new destination.


Hi-Yo Silver! Away!



What do you do, with those lonely socks?


I changed the blog again. Not just the layout, but also host-wise. As from the next post, each post will be in one language only. Why as from the next post? In case you landed on the Dutch page, while you needed the English one, or the other way around. I don’t know what the result will be in blog feeds, but if you happen to be on the wrong language page, just choose the correct one on the right. I hope you like it!

Ik heb de blog nog ‘s in een nieuw kleedje gestoken. Niet alleen qua uitzicht, maar ook van host. Vanaf de volgende post geen 2 talen meer in 1 post, maar 1 post per taal. Waarom pas vanaf de volgende? Voor ‘t geval je nu op ‘t Engels uitkwam terwijl je Nederlands moest hebben, of omgekeerd. A ja. Ik weet niet wat dit doet in blog feeds, maar als je je in de verkeerde taal bevindt, gewoon even rechtsboven de juiste taal kiezen. Hopelijk staat het jullie aan!

RIP Google Reader, hello The Old Reader

As you’ve all heard, Google Reader will disappear soon. For many of us, this came as quite the shock. Followed by a hint of panic (what should I do with all my RSS feeds!?), and the search for a worthy replacement.
It wasn’t long before Bloglovin and Feedly were mentioned as our best option. And it’s true, they seem nice, but I missed Google Reader’s serenity. What I like about Google Reader, is that I can get a list of all blog posts and I can sort them from old to new. So I can work my way through it, starting with the oldest and scrolling through to the present. It’s the scrolling down that I miss when I use Bloglovin. And for Feedly? Well, to be honest, I already forgot how it worked. And if I want to go and have a quick look at their site, I can’t, because I have to install Feedly first.
Eventually, I chose The Old Reader. It looks just like Google Reader. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as simple to import my RSS feeds as it was for Bloglovin. I had to download a file first, then upload it again. And it took a while before my feeds were imported. But that’s because The Old Reader is run by a team of 3 (!) people only. And they are continuously working on improvement. On top of that, you can go to their forum and suggest what you would like to see them develop.

Even though it took a bit more effort, I’m a fan. I love the simplicity of it all. You just log in using your Google account (or Facebook account) and all your feeds are there, all together in one long list. And if their server gets overloaded, you get a picture of a cat. Who wouldn’t love that?

What about follow buttons? The Old Reader is part of subtome, so installing their follow button helps your Old-Reader followers. Although I must say the button really doesn’t look like much at all (It’s the ugly Subscribe thing in the sidebar). If sites don’t have this button, I just copy the link and paste it in The Old Reader. I used to do that in Google Reader as well sometimes.
And how about you? Did you also feel slight panic when Google Reader announced it would disappear? Have you found a worthy replacement? Or don’t you care one bit, since you use other tools to follow blogs?

GCDC – The day after

Yesterday, the Great Cloth Diaper Change took place. At exactly 11am local time, we tried to break the world record in changing cloth nappies. Here in Ghent, 54 baby’s participated. That’s 6 more than last year.
Foto door Belga via

And it was nice. The sun was out, there was incredibly nice soup, the goodiebags were fab, and everyone was in the right mood. Only downside: the speeches. Not that they lasted long, not at all, but when your baby is ready to have his nappy changed, listening to a 10-minute speech is not the first thing on his mind. But that’s the only thing, as for the rest, really superb.

Foto door Belga via

In fact, it was so nice, we stayed a little longer afterwards. To enjoy the sunshine and have a chat with likely-minded parents. After which we loaded our kids into our cargo bikes and got going.

We even made it into the newspaper, yay!
Congratulations, Klein Spook, for organizing this event. I really hope we broke the record. See you next year?

The great cloth diaper change

Just a small post that has nothing to do with sewing, knitting or crochet. Just an announcement, really. On Saturday, 20 April, The Great Cloth Diaper Change takes place. Its aim? To simultaneously change our baby’s reusable nappy all over the world and make it into the Guiness Book of Records.

It’s an international event that takes place in 225 locations. I’m taking part. I use reusable nappies, and I do get questions about it. Questions such as “Do you really throw those nappies in your washing machine?” or “Doesn’t your jeans smell if you wash it with your nappies?”. Well, no. The, euhm, more solid parts, go into the toilet or in the trash. Basically, it’s the same as washing baby’s clothes after there’s been an accident. And I wash my jeans separately from those nappies, I wouldn’t want the nappies to turn blue. So if you have questions like these as well, don’t hesitate to go to one of the events. You’ll surely get an anwser there!

Curious? Want to know more? Do you already use reusable nappies and want to join? You can find all the necessary info and locations on The Great Cloth Diaper Change website. And who knows, maybe we’ll see each other on 20 April!

Baby stamping

Another baby, another stamp.
And this time I had planned it better.
To make it look more complete, hubby found a piece of wood to attach to its back.
But alas, no glue in the house. So we used TEC7 instead.
See, it does pay to live on a semi building site. That piece of wood isn’t going anywhere, ever!
When I’m making a stamp, I feel pretty clumsy. As if I can slip any moment and ruin the whole thing. A bit like Homer repairing Marge’s camera (sorry, I could only find a German version).

Otis meets world

Baby Otis was born, and that deserved a whole bunch of self-made presents.
Mentally, I really showered the little guy with everything he could wish for. In reality, I only managed to get just the one ready. Really, time management. Anyone any tips on that?
But I was talking about Otis. I ventured into something new and made a rubber stamp, using Elisanna’s tutorial.
I didn’t finish the stamp so nicely as she did. I didn’t even get to attaching a piece of wood. For shame!
On the plus side, I did get his name right.
I’m really sorry, Otis. I’ll make it up to you eventually.