To Pim – Pimmed – Pimmed

Zonen 09 - Pim

As it goes with toddlers, they can grow a size overnight. And most likely, that grow spurt will occur right before you leave on holiday, so that all of a sudden you run out of fitting shorts.

Insert – what else – Zonen 09. Pattern: Pim.

Because I had to move fast, I went for the simple model. No pockets, no loops. And since a simple version goes very fast, I made 3.

Zonen 09 - Pim

Pim really stole my heart. The shorts are rather – well – short, and that’s what makes me go all melancholic about them. They show me that my boy is growing taller and taller, but they also show me what’s left of those cute baby buttocks that I love to squeeze.

Zonen 09 - Pim

Yes, you are reading it right. I turned into my own grandma.

Nothing left for me to say than Pim for the win! I’ll be aiming for more of them next summer.


  • Orange-brown nicky velours: from the cousin bag
  • Moustache fabric: Ordered online, but I can’t remember where
  • Blue fabric: Juffertje Uil

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