Dragon paws

Toddler hands like to grab all things great and small. As such, toddler hands don’t like to get caught in toddler mittens. Getting our little man to wear a pair of mittens tends to end in a happy toddler and a grumpy mom, or a big fight ending in a happy mother and a grumpy toddler. Depends on how cold it is outside.

Since I’m a big fan of my own pair of glittens, I wondered whether they would be just the solution for those little toddler hands. Maximum grabbing power, warm hands. Win-win.


I used green fluorescent yarn. Helps with visibility during these dark winter days. Since our little man is a big fan of dragons lately, I also decided to add dragon spikes. In fluorescent orange. Even more visibility.


Googly eyes were a must, of course.


And an even greater must for all toddler mittens: an i-cord to keep them together.


Our little man’s enthousiasm is two-fold. Some days he’s completely mad about them and is playing with them as if they were hand puppets.

On other days, for instance when the weather’s nice and it’s the best time to go out and take pictures, he seems to find them very dull indeed. Especially when you ask him to show them. Pay attention to the facial expression.


I’m pretty happy about the result myself. What I forgot to take into account, however, is that little toddler fingers don’t always know which finger hole to go to. I guess now I know why toddler mittens are such a big hit. Something to keep in mind for the next version.


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