Cracking dpns

When knitting, what kind of needles do you prefer? Is it wood, bamboo, metal, plastic? I’ve recently taken a liking to bamboo ones. They feel warm and cosy and they don’t make any ticking noises while knitting.

Earlier this week, I started knitting a new pair of socks on bamboo dpns. Of course, these are very small, and look more like toothpicks than actual needles. But I knitted and knitted, and I was already getting to a nice leg lenght, so I decided to try it on. I carefully wriggled my leg through the sock while still on the dpns, and then, for some reason, I put my leg onto our pouf. And that’s when I heard it. Not too loud, very gentle, but still, a very recognizable ‘Crack’. I had just broken one of my needles.

cracked dpn

So I sat there, with not even half a sock on and dpns sticking out in every direction, as if I had just gone through an awfully painful operation. Fortunately, I managed to get the sock off, although it took me quite some time. Imagine having to go to work with dpns sticking out of your leg…

I dropped only one stitch, which I thought was quite an achievement. And I immediately ordered a new set of bamboo dpns, since now I am a needle short and I can’t get on with the sock. I certainly know what I won’t do once I can get on with the sock: I’ll never try it on again.

Put a sock in it!

I’ve finished my first sock ever! It did take me a number of times, though. But apparently, three times really is a charm.

The first time I tried, I used the magic loop method. I’d heard so many good things about it, so I gave it a go. To be honest, I myself think it is a lot of fuss. It prevents you from knitting on, because you have to pull the loop through all the time. I couldn’t get the joining edge stitches right either. No matter how hard I pulled my yarn, I was left with big, gaping holes. I still wanted to finish it, but the sock got put on hold. And when I wanted to work on later on, I had lost my notes and got completely lost. So I frogged it.

knitting socks

I got myself nice new bamboo dpns and started over. Old-school style.

knitting socks

This method worked a lot better for me. Until I got to the heel. I needed to knit a Dutch heel, but I just didn’t understand the pattern. I tried and I tried, but unfortunately I ended up with big gaping holes again. After a while, I finally figured out that my problem was in the way I lead my yarn. Too late at this point, though. So I frogged it.

Now I knew that I would finally be able to get past the heel. So I tried a third time.

knitting socks

And it worked.

knitting socks

Dutch heel

I am now working on the second sock, and it goes a lot faster. Probably because I really want to finish it, so I can get started on crazy socks with silly patterns. So if you know of such patterns and/or books, please let me know. I’ve already found some really cool patterns on ravelry, but I’m convinced I’ll be hungry for more. All tips are welcome!

It’s a kind of magic

About a year ago, I bought a small book titled “Sokken brei je zo“. This translates as “This is how you knit socks”. I bought some dpns, got out some left-over wool and started knitting. Unfortunately, I had only been able to find dpns of 30 centimetres (12 inches), which turned sock knitting into some kind of struggle. Above that, I couldn’t make sense of the heel either, and I gave up.

knitting socks

This year, I thought I’d give it another go. I was encouraged after I had been able to do the mittens on dpns of 20 centimetres (8 inches). But I only have dpns size 4,5mm (US 7) and 5mm (US 8), and I needed size 3mm (US 2,5). Since I had just received the Denise kit and I had read so many positive things about the magic loop, I thought I’d give this a go. I settled for the smallest size 3,75mm (US 5) and got going. Up till now, it went quite well. It’s much easier to carry around than dpns, that’s for sure. However, I do think it’s quite a fuss to pull the cord through every time.

knitting socks

I’m going to finish this pair of socks on magic loop, and I’m even planning to do a tutorial on it here soon, using the second sock as an example. But after that, I’ll most likely go back to dpns when knitting socks. After all, I did just place an order on for the smaller sized ones…