How to edge stitch

The edge stitch is something I’ve always found very hard. Either I just stitched next to the garment, or I was swirling instead of stitching right. So I asked my teacher how to do this best. And actually, it’s quite easy, I don’t know why I never thought of it myself.

  1. Make sure that your needle is in the middle of your presser foot.
  2. Now, the second step depends on the type of presser foot you have. In general, you will have to place your garment with its edge in the middle of the smaller part between the middle of the presser foot and the right presser foot toe, looking like this:
    edge stitch

    Now, it may be possible that the middle part of your presser foot is not smaller, like mine. You can then still aim at the middle between the middle and the right toe, looking like this:

    edge stitch
  3. Stitch gently, while keeping your eye on the middle of the right toe. 

You’ll be amazed at the result: tada!

edge stitch

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