Spiderman glittens

The dragon era at the Abfabulies house has passed. I no longer have a full-time knight in the house, he started working part-time. And the time that was freed up, is now filled with Spiderman.

I honestly don’t know where this new love comes from. Here at home, we’ve never watched Spiderman. Still, our little boy does know him. And admires him.

When it turned out that the dragon paws I made last winter had become too small, I didn’t have to look far to find some new inspiration. Spiderman glittens. Based on my own favourite: the hop-on-hop-off mittens.

spiderman glittens

I used red yarn for both glittens. This time, I went for fingerless all the way. The dragon paws had separate fingers, but that only made it harder to get them on, so this time, no fingers. I sewed the black lines on afterwards.

spiderman glittens

And each cap got a Spiderman eye.

spiderman glittens

That way, our little boy can change into his alter ego whenever he feels like it.

spiderman glittens

Since preschoolers have quite a talent of losing anything that keeps them warm during winter and I’ve spent plenty of time walking about school in search of a scarf and/or hat, I also made a cord, so they can hang in his jacket.

spiderman glittens

I really should make one of those for myself too, it would make it so much easier.

How do you keep your hands warm? Classic gloves, cozy mittens, or groovy glittens?

Hop-on-hop-off mittens

Any fellow bikeriding knitters out there? I ride my bike almost every single day. Living in the city, it’s the easiest and fastest way to get around. This also means that I have to use my bike lock every single day. In winter, this results in putting on and taking back off my gloves or mittens quite often. And taking them off sometimes results in losing one of them, especially when I’m in a hurry. I stopped having this problem once I discovered capped gloves/mittens. These get your fingers free for use whenever you need them! Hop, warm fingers, hop, free fingers.

The problem I’ve head with these kinds of gloves/mittens, is that by the end of winter, my thumbs always start to break through. I guess they are just jealous of the other fingers, who can be freed so very easily. Anyway, I thought this might be a good reason to try and knit some myself. The pattern of my choice: the Urban necessity gloves by Subway Knitter.

knitting mittens
 knitting mittens

I used some self-striping yarn I got for my birthday. As you can see in the pictures, the colour palette from one mitten is slightly different than the one from the other mitten. That’s because I used two skeins that were the same kind, but not the same colour. That’s what you get with birthday stash yarn 🙂 Sonce the two skeins were fairly similar, I didn’t think it would do much harm if I used both these skeins.

knitting mittens
 knitting mittens

These mittens are going to be of great use to me, I can feel it! But of course, summer first 😀

What’s next?

I’m always full of plans, and I am not a very patient person. These may seem like two simple yet separate facts about me. Not related at all. Unfortunately, they tend to influence each other quite often. I’m always following courses, reading into things, drawing up to do lists that only get longer and longer.
Knittycrochetywise, this means that I come across far more new ideas than I can handle. This also means that I can be found knitting scarves in summer or crocheting hats when spring is in the air. It even means that I have quite some UFOs (Unfinished Objects) lying around. Just so you know.
To prove my point, here’s a list of the projects that I am involved in. The top project per craft, that is to say:

  • Knitting: Give a hoot mittens. I started them before, but the needles I tried them on weren’t right, and I ended up frogging them. Luckily, the ideal needles arrived today. I love mail order.
  • Crocheting:
    • Snail. Finish it. All I need to do is press the radioactive symbol, so that I can start attaching it to the shell. This is not laziness, I think it’s such a shame to heat the iron up for only one item.
    • Caterpillar. A baby toy that I want to make a little bit longer, so I can use it in front of the door, to keep the draught out.
  • Sewing: Skirt. I know the type of skirt that I want, I have the fabric, and I already drawed up the scaled pattern. Now I need to do it in real size.

It’s really getting time to get these items done, so that I can move forward to the next ones on the list. I kind of hope that listing them up in public like this will help me focus on the progress and will keep me going. I’ll keep you posted.