Spiderman glittens

The dragon era at the Abfabulies house has passed. I no longer have a full-time knight in the house, he started working part-time. And the time that was freed up, is now filled with Spiderman.

I honestly don’t know where this new love comes from. Here at home, we’ve never watched Spiderman. Still, our little boy does know him. And admires him.

When it turned out that the dragon paws I made last winter had become too small, I didn’t have to look far to find some new inspiration. Spiderman glittens. Based on my own favourite: the hop-on-hop-off mittens.

spiderman glittens

I used red yarn for both glittens. This time, I went for fingerless all the way. The dragon paws had separate fingers, but that only made it harder to get them on, so this time, no fingers. I sewed the black lines on afterwards.

spiderman glittens

And each cap got a Spiderman eye.

spiderman glittens

That way, our little boy can change into his alter ego whenever he feels like it.

spiderman glittens

Since preschoolers have quite a talent of losing anything that keeps them warm during winter and I’ve spent plenty of time walking about school in search of a scarf and/or hat, I also made a cord, so they can hang in his jacket.

spiderman glittens

I really should make one of those for myself too, it would make it so much easier.

How do you keep your hands warm? Classic gloves, cozy mittens, or groovy glittens?

Dragon paws

Toddler hands like to grab all things great and small. As such, toddler hands don’t like to get caught in toddler mittens. Getting our little man to wear a pair of mittens tends to end in a happy toddler and a grumpy mom, or a big fight ending in a happy mother and a grumpy toddler. Depends on how cold it is outside.

Since I’m a big fan of my own pair of glittens, I wondered whether they would be just the solution for those little toddler hands. Maximum grabbing power, warm hands. Win-win.


I used green fluorescent yarn. Helps with visibility during these dark winter days. Since our little man is a big fan of dragons lately, I also decided to add dragon spikes. In fluorescent orange. Even more visibility.


Googly eyes were a must, of course.


And an even greater must for all toddler mittens: an i-cord to keep them together.


Our little man’s enthousiasm is two-fold. Some days he’s completely mad about them and is playing with them as if they were hand puppets.

On other days, for instance when the weather’s nice and it’s the best time to go out and take pictures, he seems to find them very dull indeed. Especially when you ask him to show them. Pay attention to the facial expression.


I’m pretty happy about the result myself. What I forgot to take into account, however, is that little toddler fingers don’t always know which finger hole to go to. I guess now I know why toddler mittens are such a big hit. Something to keep in mind for the next version.


Knitting update

It’s been really busy lately, and I simply haven’t gotten round to blogging something. Plenty of inspiration, not enough time. But since my last knitting update, my needles haven’t been lying still at all. And eventhough we no longer need our scarves, glittens and hats, here’s a little update:


  • Sheepy time cardigan. For real. Every loose end has been fixed. Phew. I even found some sheep-shaped buttons. Comments on the pattern: next to blue, black and white, this pattern also demands a brown skein of yarn. A bit silly, actually, since you need the brown for one little sheep only. So if you’re planning in knitting this, use some leftover yarn, or skip the brown sheep all together. Not worth it buying a whole skein.

Sheepy time

  • Glittens
    Proved their use already. I even lost one already, out in the street. But lucky me found it back 3 weeks later. Soaked, but in mint condition. Of course, I’d knit a new one already. So now I have 3.
  • Slouchy beret
    hat that matches my glittens. This beret knits like a train. It took me 3 days, but that’s because I didn’t pay enough attention when reading the instructions, leading to me having to frog several rows and start over.
  • Cowl
    I used the same yarn as the one I used for the glittens and the hat. I also used the same cable pattern as for the slouchy beret. I knit for about 1 meter, and then I grafted the ends together.

Slouchy beret and cowl

On the needles

  • Lattice
    A shirt from Debbie Stoller’s Super star knitting book. Small-sized needles, big project, and a cable pattern. This will take me a while…


And then there’s my head, full of plans. I just don’t seem to be able to find the time to actually carry them out. How do you manage all that?

Knitting season

A couple of weeks ago, Ikea announced that the sofa season was back. Did you see the campaign? I’m so jealous of the stash that girl has…

Ikea - sofaseizoenI guess the sofa is always greener on the other side.

It’s been pretty quiet here, on the knitting and crochet front. I didn’t have to take the train that often anymore, and when I was at home, I was sewing more. So quite some UFO’s were kept lying around, waiting for the knitting frenzy to start again. And so it did. Current status of that all? See below.


  • Owl socksBreiseizoen / Knitting seasonIf you look carefully, you can really see owls in that pattern.Breiseizoen / Knitting seasonREALLY. (Just settling a domestic dispute here) If you look even closer, you can even see an owl with a lopsided ear.The pattern also says to add beads for eyes. But beads on socks, and then those socks into shoes? No thank you.
  • Kiddie cadet. Pretty sturdy.Breiseizoen / Knitting seasonTo show everyone who’s boss.Breiseizoen / Knitting season

Still on the needles

  • Sheepy time cardigan. Nearly finished.
    Breiseizoen / Knitting seasonBut just not yet.Breiseizoen / Knitting season It’s still a bit large anyway.
  • Slippers. In my head, they looked way cooler, though.Breiseizoen / Knitting seasonBut they do have an antiskid layer.
    Breiseizoen / Knitting seasonI still need to add some elastics, though, since now they fall off.
  • Glittens. For myself.Breiseizoen / Knitting seasonPriority number 1, since it’s getting pretty cold when riding a bike.
  • Saucy convertible. Nearly finished, but the yoke is too large,the shirt is too short, and I’m not ready yet to flog it all and make it work. Retro top Saucy convertible
    It’s been hibernating for quite some time, and it probably will for a while longer.


A complete set of bamboo dpnsBreiseizoen / Knitting season

My hubby thinks that by now, I must have all existing material at hand.

Breiseizoen / Knitting season


To the needles!

Hop-on-hop-off mittens

Any fellow bikeriding knitters out there? I ride my bike almost every single day. Living in the city, it’s the easiest and fastest way to get around. This also means that I have to use my bike lock every single day. In winter, this results in putting on and taking back off my gloves or mittens quite often. And taking them off sometimes results in losing one of them, especially when I’m in a hurry. I stopped having this problem once I discovered capped gloves/mittens. These get your fingers free for use whenever you need them! Hop, warm fingers, hop, free fingers.

The problem I’ve head with these kinds of gloves/mittens, is that by the end of winter, my thumbs always start to break through. I guess they are just jealous of the other fingers, who can be freed so very easily. Anyway, I thought this might be a good reason to try and knit some myself. The pattern of my choice: the Urban necessity gloves by Subway Knitter.

knitting mittens
 knitting mittens

I used some self-striping yarn I got for my birthday. As you can see in the pictures, the colour palette from one mitten is slightly different than the one from the other mitten. That’s because I used two skeins that were the same kind, but not the same colour. That’s what you get with birthday stash yarn 🙂 Sonce the two skeins were fairly similar, I didn’t think it would do much harm if I used both these skeins.

knitting mittens
 knitting mittens

These mittens are going to be of great use to me, I can feel it! But of course, summer first 😀