The #boostyourpositivitychallenge – My morning routine

You may have noticed it on several blogs and Instagram already #Boostyourpositivity time. One of the challenges: share your morning routine. In my case, I have 3:

  • One for office days
  • One for homeworking days
  • One for the weekend (although that’s not even a routine)

Office day routine

  • 6.00: Alarm goes off. No snoozing on office days, get out of bed immediately.
  • 6.01: Bathroom time: shower, clothes, hair, make-up and teeth. At super speed.
  • 6.20: Grab things together, get out of the house, and start riding that bike.
  • 6.33: Get to station, hope that the train is on time (or late when I’m late). Try to cover the distance between the back of the bike stand to the platform on the opposite side of the station as dast as I can.
  • 6.38: Train leaves. At this time, it’s still pretty quiet, and most of the time I have a 4-seater spot to myself. Stretch, read newspaper, eat breakfast. As quietly as possible, since nothing is more soothing than a sleeping train carriage.
  • 7.20: Arrive in Brussels (if the train’s on time) and walk to the office.
  • 7u3.: Arrive in the office. Turn on computer, get some tea, and enjoy the silence.

This morning routine is the most strict one, for which each minute counts. Each detail can cause a delay. So I try to prepare these mornings as much as I can the evening before. Food, clothes, bag, everything is in the right spot, so I just need to grab in the morning. Even my bike lights are premounted the night before. The only way to get any quicker, is to go to sleep with my clothes on 😉 I do fear winter, since more clothes will without doubt lead to more minutes needed to get dressed. Maybe I should invite in a foldable scooter, so I can gain some minutes when getting from one side of the station to the other.

To make this all work, I also cheat. On office days, I leave the morning routing with kid to my husband. To make up for this a bit, I do put our boy’s clothes ready in the evening. At that time, I let our boy ‘choose’ his own clothes. I offer him 2 choices for each piece of clothing, and he picks what he wants. That way I can still influence how clothes are combined, and I avoid that my husband ends up with a boy who refuses to wear what’s been picked out. Win-win.

So why do I choose to go for a routine this strict? I like the early train. It’s quiet, it’s not packed. It takes me to the office early, allowing me to start quietly, and to get going before my colleagues arrive. Have I mentioned how much I love peace and quiet? On top of that, starting early also allows me to go home early, so I can spend some extra time with my 2 favourite men.

Home working days

About once per week, I work from home. I really need a day like that to break my week, since I cannot cope 5 days in a row using the routine described above. It goes without saying that the routine on home working days is slightly more relax:

  • 7.00: Alarm goes off the first time.
  • 7.09: Alarm goes off a second time
  • 7.18: Alarm goes off a third time. Conversation with hubby:
    • Me: What time do you get up again?
    • Hubby: About now. Or later.
    • Me: Do you get to school in time then?
    • Hubby: Sure. Kind of.
    • Me: Shouldn’t we get up?
    • Hubby: Mmmmm.
  • 7.20: Get up, eventually. Wake up our boy. Get down for breakfast.
  • 7.40: Tell our boy to get on with it. Does he have to sit on the potty that long? (Yes). Can I at least put on his clothes while he’s on there? (No). Meanwhile, hubby prepares the schoolbag.
  • 8u: Both men are ready to leave and jump on the bike. Depending on the number of times I hit snooze earlier, I either am dressed and switch on the computer, or I quickly shower, and turn on the computer 15 minutes later. Have some tea, and enjoy the silence of the home office.

The weekend

I’m a lazy bum who likes to stay in bed as long as possible. Especially after a week of strict morning routines. ‘Long’, is relative, of course. With child, I’m glad when it’s already 8 am before the first eyes open in this house. Although, sometimes they turn out to be mine. Most of the time, our boy jumps into bed with us, and we goof around a while.

We usually have breakfast around 8.30 – 9.00. In pyjamas. And we stay in pyjamas for as long as we can, depending on the duties of the day. Turns out our boy has the same pyjama monster gene as I have. Who doesn’t want to hang around in pyjamas all day?

That’s all of them. How about you? Strict routines, or pretty chaotic? And are you taking part in the #boostyourpositivity challenge?

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