That she had some fabric lying around, and whether I was interested. She, that’s my cousin. And me, well, of course I was interested. Especially when I heard that her husband wanted them out of the way and was threatening to throw it all out. Fabric? Thrown out? NEVER!

Some fabric turned out to be three full bags. Big bags. Garbage bags. Bags I tried to smuggle into the house myself, to avoid a problem similar to my cousin’s. But hubby caught me. Redhanded.

fabric stash

He hasn’t threatened to throw it all out (yet). He did refer to my own stash I was already trying to hide.

fabric stash

But he was so sweet not to mention my yarn stash.

yarn stash

It’s not that my hubby doesn’t like a good stash. What he doesn’t like is the lack of space we are trying to battle. And those stashes getting into the way of getting some work done. So I stuffed my new stash in the closet for now. Still in garbage bags. How disrespectful. But it’s only because my sewing room is still being built. And because it’s not as high on my hubby’s priority list than on mine.

sewing room

And that’s where I need your help. What’s the best way to store stash in a sewing room? Do you sort by colour, or by type of fabric? In closets, or on hangers? Rolled up, or folded?

My sewing room to be  is a blank canvas, that I can turn into whatever I want it to be. And of course I want to use the space I have to its maximum. But I also want to avoid turning it into a Monica closet, of course. .

I just don’t know how I can tackle it. How do you do it? And how do your partners deal with your stash?

(And it goes without saying: a big thank you to my cousin, for doubling my stash, there’s no such thing as ‘enough fabric’ :-))

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  1. Troost je, bij mij staan er ook zo’n voorraden stof en wol in de slaapkamer. Geen eigen naaikamer hier, dus de stoffen zitten zo wat verspreid in allerlei kasten en dozen. Wel een mooi kado van je nicht!

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