Raindrops keep falling on my head – tutorial

Rain comes and goes, especially in our little country. Not always fun. But when I saw this storm pass on fortunecookiez.be, I was willing to jump right in. So when they asked me to do a guest post with tutorial, I didn’t hesitate for one second.

What do you need?

  • Something round to use as a template to draw the basic circle of your pattern. Think pots and pans, your coffee mug (if you want a small raindrop), your earmuffs, whatever you have lying around. Or you can act like a real professional and use a drafting compass
  • A ruler, paper, pencil and scotch tape
  • Some leftover fabric (size depends on how large a raindrop you want to make)
  • Stuffing
  • For the eyes and mouth: flock film, embroidering thread, googly eyes, you name it

Draw the pattern

If you would like to draw the pattern yourself and make it whatever size you want, draw the pattern as described below. If you would like to use an existing pattern, you can download and print the big or the small pattern, and follow the description on how to cut the fabric further below.

  1. Take your round object and put it on your paper.
  2. Draw a circle around your object and cut out your circle.
    Regendruppel tutorial - stap 2
  3. Fold your circle in four, so you can find the centre point.
    Regendruppel tutorial - stap 3
  4. Use your scotch tape to tape the circle on a piece of paper, so you can draw the raindrop pattern on top of the circle.
  5. Measure the diameter and extend the diameter line on top of your circle.
  6. Divide the diameter by two (yes, the radius) and indicate this number on the extended line, measured starting from the edge of the circle.
  7. Draw to lines from the new point towards the side of the circle, to create the raindrop.
  8. Cut the pattern.

Cut your fabric

  1. Fold your fabric, right sides facing each other.
  2. Put your pattern on the fabric and pin in place.
    Regendruppel tutorial
  3. Draw around your pattern, and draw a 1-centimeter seam as well.
    Regendruppel tutorial
  4. Mark where the opening should come to stuff your raindrop. This should be at the bottom of your raindrop, about 7 centimeters wide.
    Regendruppel tutorial
  5. Cut your fabric.
    Regendruppel tutorial
    You now have two fabric raindrop parts.

Pin and sew

  1. Place both fabric parts on top of each other, right sides facing each other.
  2. Sew together. Don’t forget to keep the opening at the bottom of your raindrop.
  3. Clip the seams, and don’t forget the tip of the raindrop.
    Regendruppel tutorial
  4. Turn your fabric, so the right sides are on the outside. Don’t forget to take good care of the tip.
    Regendruppel tutorial
  5. Stuff.
    Regendruppel tutorial
  6. Fold the seams of the opening inwards, and sew closed with an invisible stitch.


There are a zillion ways to add a face to your raindrop. I used flock film, embroidery thread and googly eyes.

Regendruppels - afwerking

Avoid getting addicted

Making raindrops goes so fast, that soon you’ll have a complete thunderstorm on your hands.

Boze wolk

But no worries, every cloud has its silver lining.

Blije wolk

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