Hubby trousers

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t call this blog “Knitty crochety” and then added a sewing project as a first project. So hey, it’s me!

I made a pair of trousers for my husband. The pattern is based on a burda pattern, but the original pattern has flaps for each pocket. Since this was the fourth time that I stitched a pair like these, I decided to leave the flaps out. They take a lot of time to do anyway, and I wanted to try a different technique. For the back pockets, I just ignored that flaps were mentioned, and added a classic pair of back pockets.

For the side pockets, I decided to replace the flaps by zippers. I used velvet for this pair of trousers, and as we all know, you always have to pay attention to the nap or pile. While I’m convinced I did pay attention to this, I still managed to get the side pockets on upside down. Luckily, it ended up having a special effect, so now these trousers look really creative and original. My husband didn’t care about this flaw, he’s already waiting for the next pair…

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