Otiske is geboren, hallelujah, hallo

Otiske is geboren, en dat verdiende zelfgemaakte cadeaukes.
In mijn hoofd werd ’t ventje bedolven onder een hele stapel. In realiteit is ’t bij eentje gebleven. Echt, time management. Iemand goeie tips?
Maar Otis dus. Ik waagde me ’s aan stempels maken, met de handleiding van Elisanna bij de hand.

Mijn exemplaar is wel niet zo mooi afgewerkt. Zelfs van dat schoon blokske hout is er niets in huis gekomen (en dat terwijl we nog op een halve werf wonen. Schaam op mij).
Maar zijn naam staat er wel, juist geschreven en al.
I’m really sorry, Otis. I’ll make it up to you eventually.


Niet zo lang geleden (dat maak ik mezelf toch graag wijs), schreef ik echte brieven. Op papier en zo. En ik stuurde die brieven de wereld rond, naar mijn pennevrienden. Als ik er zo over nadenk is mijn generatie waarschijnlijk de laatste generatie die nog gebruik maakte van snailmail. In die tijd ontving ik zowat elke dag post. Ik keek echt uit naar de komst van de postbode. Altijd die spanning of er een brief zou bij zijn met een buitenlandse postzegel, de teleurstelling wanneer het niet zo was.
Vandaag de dag brengt de postbode mij vooral rekeningen. Ik kijk dus ook niet zo erg meer uit naar zijn (’t is te zeggen, haar) komst.
Behalve gisteren dan. Gisteren lag er een mooie grote en heel zacht aanvoelende envelop in de brievenbus. Joepie!
You've got mail
Ik wist wel al wat erin zat. Vorige week kwam ik te weten dat ik de gelukkige winnaar was van een baby t-shirt. Meer zelfs, ik mocht zelf de maat en het stofje kiezen! Nogal een service hé! Ik had al een fotootje gezien op Oontje’s blog, maar een foto is toch niet hetzelfde als het echte ding. Ik was dus heel erg benieuwd om deze envelop open te maken!
You've got mail
En ja hoor, in het echt ziet het er nog veel schattiger en mooier uit dan op foto. Je moet me maar op mijn woord geloven.
Ik kon niet anders dan hier eentje zijn outfit veranderen. En zo model zijn, ’t is vermoeiend. Maar ik ben er zeker van dat hij ervan droomt om Oon in levende lijve te bedanken 🙂
You've got mail
Hoe zit dat met jullie? Brengt de postbode spannende brieven of pakjes? Hadden jullie vroeger ook pennenvrienden? En stuurden jullie dan ook van die kleine vriendschapsboekjes mee om zo aan nog meer pennenvrienden te raken?

New look

As you may have noticed, I have updated the look-and-feel of my blog a little bit. My hubby has been so kind as to design me a nice pink logo, and I have updated the colours of the blog to match the logo. Do tell me whether you like it or not!

In case you were wondering, the name Fabulies comes from the BBC series Absolutely Fabulous, which I Absolutely Love. For now, I thought just Fabulies would be enough. But once I have the time and the skills to make and share my own fabulous designs, I may just as well need the Absolutely in there 😉

Any suggestions for further improvements are welcome, so don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

Merry knitmas!

A very merry knitmas to all of you! I know I’m a bit early, but I don’t think there will be much time left the following days to post.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that the holiday season is already here. I’m hardly prepared. What with the renovations of the house and all that, we haven’t even found the time to put up our tree yet. Although, I must say, there’s also an upside to that. We have two cats running around the house, and they see it as their personal challenge to knock out as many ornaments as they can by the time we get home from work. I think there’s record-breaking involved.

So, while I wasn’t even ready for this Christmas, I’m secretly looking forward to next year’s. By then, we’ll have a larger living room with enough space to actually put a tree, and we will be able to keep it cat-free when we’re not at home. It may still take a while, but I’ll conquer in the end!

Still, to be on the safe side, I’m going to stick with soft and stuffed Christmas decorations. I’ve learned to use those a few years ago and, to be honest, I love them. They make the tree look more cudly. But, I don’t have enough of them yet. So, by next year, I want it to be a very happy crochetmas. I want to make loads of ornaments myself. I’ve seen loads of nice patterns on Ravelry already. And, if you’re looking for inspiration, there’s Crochet every day by my fellow blogster Megan. She’s listed some very pretty ones on her to do list, and it’s a good start before diving into the endless waters of Ravelry.

Anyhow, I think I’d better set myself a reminder to get started somewhere in August, haha. But, until then, enjoy your presents, enjoy your family and – the most important one by far – enjoy all the desserts! Merry Christmas!

Versatile blogging award

 Megan the megababe, my fellow blogger and crocheter from Crochet Everyday has awarded me with the Versatile blogger award. I was really pleased with it, so thank you very much Megan! Check out her blog to, she’s posting crochet patterns every day.

Now, what do you need to do when you receive this award?

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.
  4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

So, seven things about me

  1. The one thing controlling my life at this moment is that my husband and I just bought a house. We won’t be able to move into it right away, since there’s still a lot of work to be done. Right now, we’re at the stage where we can start planning what we want to do, but cannot work in it yet. The previous owner, an elderly lady, is still living there. She will be moving to an appartment somewhere in August. In the meantime, we keep planning. But the most important thing I already have: a personalized hard hat. A present from my dad. Just to make sure that everyone knows who’s in charge 😉
  2. I am terribly clumsy. I do hope that won’t interfere with all the work that needs to be done in the house. I always knock things over. For instance: a couple of weeks ago, I was at a wedding. Early in the evening, I had already managed to stain my dress. Fortunately, somebody (who must have known I was going to be there) had an emergency moist tissue for situations like these. One of my friends started helping me to get the stain out. While doing so, I knocked over a glass of champagne, all over his shirt. No need to say that more emergency tissues were necessary… 
  3. I can be very lazy. In fact, it’s probably the reason why I knit and crochet: I can sit on the couch and watch telly while doing so.
  4. I am always full of plans. I always want to do and learn loads of stuff, but I never know where to start. So I end up doing nothing. Right now, I would like to learn more about photography, html and web content, pattern design, drawing fashion figures… I’d like to go running more, cycle more, blog more, read more. Knit, crochet and sew more. And then, in the end, I do less. Maybe I should take up time management first 😉
  5. My name is pronounced as Lise, so not like the lies people tell. I know, it looks strange in English. I always wondered whether my mom had some kind of secret agenda. I mean, she named me Lies, and my brother Rob. And she is an English teacher…
  6. I’ve studied Russian. I’ve lived in Kursk for three months, attending college there. Unfortunately, I’ve already forgotten a lot about it, and I’m not able to speak it that well anymore. I should add it to my never-ending to-do list: freshen up my Russian.
  7. I like to sing along with all the songs that I like as loud as I can. Even when I don’t know the words. I just blame the performers then, saying that they are the ones who mixed up the words. I do have Singstar at home, but friends and neighbours already know that it’s best not to play that with me. Since I’m not exactly what you call a singer…

Pass the award
I’m going to follow Megan’s good example here. If I list you here for the award, don’t feel obliged to go along with it. I know now that it’s not easy to find seven things to say about yourself 😉 I’m not going to post 15 blogs either. I’m going to opt for seven, I like symmetry.
But here are just a few blogs that are in my reading list, and whom I love reading, every single one of them. I hope you enjoy them as well.

  • Jovanka’s International café: my American neighbour and comedian Jovanka Steele reflects her view on life in her own way.
  • Full of fluff: a blog I came across while surfing the net during a dull moment and inspired me so that I got my crochet hook out again.
  • Little people: A cool and original street art blog with very nice pictures.
  • Crochet spot: a nice blog with loads of patterns.
  • Cute overload: silly pictures of all kinds of animals, good to make you smile no matter what your mood is.
  • Laughing squid: All kinds of funny and interesting things.
  • Roman sock: even more crochet with lots of amigurumi.