Finished caterpillar

The pattern for this caterpillar was quite easy. It only uses simple stitches, and can be finished quite quickly. If you stick to the correct measurements, that is to say…
By making it longer than the original, it took me a while longer to finish. It uses a lot of single crochet stitches, which are easy, but rather small. And if you do hundreds of rounds just using the single crochet, it gets quite monotonous. Sure, Grey’s anatomy helped me through it, but still… If you want to make an extra long one like this one, it’s nice to have another project at hand as well, so you can switch when it gets boring. Switching is also good to relieve your wrists now and then.

crochet caterpillar

Eventually, I did finish it. And it’s already doing great work as well.

crochet caterpillar

Begone, draught!

Radioactive symbol

I managed to create a radioactive symbol for the snail! It took me some time, trying to get going with the shell stitch. Until I finally realized that I was making it too complicated. All I needed were single stitches and half double stitches. It now looks like this:

crochet radioactive sign

I know that there are still some bulges at the edges, but that’s because there is a slight difference in wool: the yellow wool I used was slightly thicker than the brown one. If you use the same wool type for both colours (which is, of course, always advisable), it should work out fine.
Now I want to draw up a graphic pattern for this sign. I guess that will be my next challenge…

Snail update

The snail has been getting on well. As I mentioned before, the body was quite easy to do, since it was just a tube. I was tempted for a while to turn it into a Mister Hankey, but in the end, I wisely decided against it.


The shell was something I needed to put some more thought in. I didn’t exactly know what form to give it, since I wanted it to be flatter at the bottom and fuller at the top. I decided to base it on the Phildar monkey’s head. You can always alter the form of a piece by the way you stuff it, so I guessed I would get there eventually.
The eyes were quite simple. In a basic crochet book, I found how to crochet buttons, and in white, these buttons will do a great job pretending to be eyes.

crochet snail

All that’s left now, is the radioactive sign. I’m trying to do rounds now and use shell stitches to get the triangular forms right, but I’m still figuring out how many stitches I need to start with. Up till now, I have been unravelling just as much as I have been crocheting. But – as Jerry Maguire’s great mentor used to say – Success is standing up one more time than you fall. Time to stand up again, I’d say…