Close, but no cigar

I don’t know how you guys decide on when to do which project, but I’ve discovered that I definitely do not follow the seasons. While I’m working on one thing, I’m already thinking about another thing. And most of the time, these are related to the technique I want to practice. And so I end up knitting gloves during spring. I just had to find out whether I could do gloves or not.

I wanted to knit something for my husband. I didn’t want to start of with a large project like a sweater, so I decided to go for gloves. The only problem was that my husband isn’t a big fan of gloves and normally wears fingerless gloves. Not exactly handy when you want to see if you can do fingers or not. But, once again, I found a great pattern via Ravelry.


The pattern is called Cigar. The pinky finger and ring finger are knitted as in regular gloves, while the rest of the fingers are, well, fingerless.


If that wasn’t a great compromise, I don’t know what is! Now I just need to hope that they don’t get lost during summer 🙂