Project runway

I have been working on a cherry blouse in class. Not a personal pattern for this one, but a Burda pattern. It is a bit different than your average blouse, since it does not have a collar. The shoulders and sleeves are also slightly different, and it was a bit of a puzzle now and then. But I made it!


And that was not all. School had organized a fashion show and this cherry blouse was my project to show.

project runway

Too much light to get a sharp view, but that’s me, literally in the spotlight. No Nina Garcia or Michael Kors around to give points, though… Luckily my sweet husband was there to take the pictures and to give me the highest grades!

Project on the outskirts

I’ve noticed that my sewing projects have gone a bit quiet. I could sum up a number of reasons for this, of course. That it takes up a lot more space than knitting, that my sewing machine is upstairs, where it is cold, that I can’t lay out any fabrics on the table downstairs or the cats start playing hide and seek whenever some fabric is draped over the edge… I could sum up loads of excuses, but I won’t.
The fact is, I’m working on two projects. One is a summer blouse that I am working on in class. The other is a winter skirt that is my very own design. Nothing too complicated, but I just don’t seem to get on with it. And I should, since spring is already in the air…
So far, I have drawn out a pattern, cut out the calico/muslin parts and sewn them all together. I also fitted this rough version, but apparently it’s too wide. I really should alter the size and get on with it now…
Just to prove my point, here’s a little preview.

skirt pattern