Baby yeti giletti

First of all, thank you peeps for reading and replying to my previous emo post. Your comments meant a lot. And, as one person gently told me irl, next time I have a hormonal emotional moment, I will wait to actually post and first read what I wrote again the next day, before I publish. I promise 🙂

Talking about promises: I did promise to post about the little baby jumper I had finished, so here it is.

Baby YetiAs you can see, no baby nephew posing in it. My teddy took over that job. For the simple reason that my baby nephew is a giant. He’s only 2 months old, but he would have gone bare riff if he would have posed in this. That of course leaves me wondering whether my baby will fit in it at all. It will have inherited some of the giant genes as well, after all.

Another thing is that it is a pretty thick, warm and cosy sweater. Very soft as well. A real winter sweater. And my baby is due in July. You catch my drift? So if I give birth to a giant as well, this sweater will only fit in August. And we all know how that’s mid winter in the northern hemisphere, don’t we?

Baby Yeti

So, I’ve made up my mind that there will be a lot of grocery shopping at Colruyt. Colruyt is a supermarket chain here with (and here comes the key ingredient for this sweater) a walk-through fridge section. Ideal temperature for a chilly winter’s day!

I’m also going to find out which places here in Ghent have the coldest airco. I will use this sweater, no matter what!

What I liked

  • Baby knitting goes really fast. I could finish one piece in one evening’s time. Quite a difference with the  Biker boy cardigan I made for my hubby!
  • This chunky yarn is so fluffy that it’s hard to spot any mistakes in your work. Big thumbs up for that!

What I altered

  • Yarn: I used Phildar neige instead of Berroco plush. I still had a whole stash of that lying around. I once bought it to make a cat blanket out of it, and apparently I made a slight calculation mistake. I would show a picture of the blanket, but the cats love it, and it shows. I just hope this doesn’t mean I made the wrong choice and that they’ll be using the baby as a blanket as well.
  • Not done so (yet), but I think this would actually work better if it was a cardigan. It’s easier to get a newborn in a cardigan than in a sweater. And then the word “giletti” would make a lot more sense. Maybe I’ll try to make a cardigan out of it eventually. In a bigger size.
What I didn’t like
Sewing up the seams. Ugh. Took me just as long (probably longer) as knitting the whole thing.
And then, last but not least: it’s a PURPLE sweater, even though in the pictures it looks more like blue. So there’s no clue of the baby’s sex in there whatsoever. Yes, dear certain family members, I’m emphasizing this for you. You know who you are!

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