How to wind your yarn

When you are working with yarn, most of the time you will have to wind this yarn before you can start working with it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a nice round ball of yarn to work with. There’s only one problem. Every time you yank your yarn, the ball will roll (or, in my case, even fly) in all directions. If you also have cats running around in your house, there’s no better way to put it to their attention that you want to play with them. Or, at least, that’s how they understand it.

A great way to avoid this, is to wind your ball so that you are pulling your yarn from the inside of the ball. It’s really simple to do so.

To wind your yarn so you pull it from the inside out:

  1. Get your skein ready. Now, the normal way to do it is to unwind it first and wind it around your legs or, if you have a willing person around you, around their arms or something. You can do this first, but most of the time I’m too lazy for this. I just start from the skein.
  2. How to wind your yarn
  3. Grab hold of the beginning of your yarn and fold it double at about 30 centimetres/12 inches. Do this about three times.
  4. How to wind your yarn
  5. Wind your yarn around the middle of these strings. Make sure not to do this too tight.
  6. How to wind your yarn
  7. Wind your yarn into a ball, making sure the strings from the beginning are still sticking out. Do this until you have wound the whole ball.
  8. How to wind your yarn
  9. Once you have wound all the yarn, pull out the strings from the middle.
  10. How to wind your yarn

You are now ready to start knitting or crocheting from the inside of the ball out.

How to wind your yarn

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