Cracking dpns

When knitting, what kind of needles do you prefer? Is it wood, bamboo, metal, plastic? I’ve recently taken a liking to bamboo ones. They feel warm and cosy and they don’t make any ticking noises while knitting.

Earlier this week, I started knitting a new pair of socks on bamboo dpns. Of course, these are very small, and look more like toothpicks than actual needles. But I knitted and knitted, and I was already getting to a nice leg lenght, so I decided to try it on. I carefully wriggled my leg through the sock while still on the dpns, and then, for some reason, I put my leg onto our pouf. And that’s when I heard it. Not too loud, very gentle, but still, a very recognizable ‘Crack’. I had just broken one of my needles.

cracked dpn

So I sat there, with not even half a sock on and dpns sticking out in every direction, as if I had just gone through an awfully painful operation. Fortunately, I managed to get the sock off, although it took me quite some time. Imagine having to go to work with dpns sticking out of your leg…

I dropped only one stitch, which I thought was quite an achievement. And I immediately ordered a new set of bamboo dpns, since now I am a needle short and I can’t get on with the sock. I certainly know what I won’t do once I can get on with the sock: I’ll never try it on again.

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